SAP specific scenarios

In B2B integrations with asynchronous messaging, security is often implemented by encrypting the messages with the receiver’s public key and signing messages with the sender’s secret key. SAP provides the B2B add-on that implements SFTP transfers, PGP encryption and signature. However, PGP keys are on the file system managed by an OS team, while the channel is managed by a SAP team. For SSH keys, a complex process is required to get these into the SAP NetWeaver key store. But worse yet, you need to securely share the public key with one or more business partners at the same time in both ends.

Managed Keys hides all this cross-team, cross-organizational, time-synchronized complexity and lets you forget all about certificates by providing a fully documented, automated and managed end-to-end solution.

SAP has many different products with different approaches to certificates. Some SAP modules like the PGP add-on uses keys stored on the file system while the SFTP adapter works with having the key in the NetWeaver key store. We are a certified SAP partner and we ensure that Managed Keys integrates well with SAP modules and key stores. We can fill in the blanks needed in the SAP product to ensure a good integration with non-SAP products in enterprise & B2B scenarios.

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