Companies Who Trust Our Services

“Managed Keys gives us a great and always up-to-date overview of all our certificates, including their thumbprints and when they will expire. The process of renewal is fully automated and all relevant partners are informed in due time about certificates approaching the expiration date. In case of problems the support is fast and qualified solving the issue to our full satisfaction.”

Michael Schaumburg, Operations Manager
Facilia f.m.b.a., Copenhagen, Denmark

“Managed Keys makes it possible for us to forget all about managing certificates – and prevents us from getting unnecessary downtime caused by expired or unknown/undocumented certificates. We have been through a transitioning phase where new certificates, as well as old certificates scheduled for renewal, has gradually been set as managed keys in the system. During the entire process, we have had full overview of all our certificates as well as immaculate, competent and immediate support.”

Jakob Koch Rasmussen, IT Operations and Development Manager
DSR, Copenhagen, Denmark